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Top Notepad

Book-keeping for compliance. Stay compliant. Stay ahead.

Founderby Mahesh Soni
Hyderabad, India
$300,000 target
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Problem: Europe and a few middle eastern countries have VAT in place. Small Business owners find it extremely difficult and struggle with bookkeeping, VAT returns filing & compliance.

Not all small business owners can afford a tax consultant on regular basis. Existing software are either too complex to work with or are not affordable.

Solution: TopNotepad is a super simple and affordable alternative for managing books on your own, without the knowledge of accounting and simultaneously staying tax time ready to easily file returns and be compliant.

Whether it is VAT or GST you are covered. You may be a UK business or a business from the middle-east or India or Australia, you are covered.

Current Status: We have a live product, loved by users across 12+ countries and we are generating recurring revenue.

You can read reviews of a few of our clients:

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Ask: We are actively seeking funds to aggressively market our product in specific geographies, where VAT is relatively new and opportunity is huge. The funds will also be used for product enhancement and hiring.


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