Exo-Hand Project

Exo-Hand Project

Exo-hand - an exoskeleton hand primarily for stroke survivors.

Founderby Nicolas Rojas
Colombia, South America
$20,000 target
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Nicolas Rojas has created an exoskeleton hand primarily for stroke survivors.  This exoskeleton has 12 degrees of freedom and it uses just one motor and a bar linkage.  The Exo-Hand mechanism can be fully customized and tailored for every patient for comfort while retaining efficiency.  The mechanical glove can run independently for 1.5-2 hours in continuous use mode, which is already sufficient considering that most rehabilitation sessions last about one hour.  

Most patients using the Exo-Hand should be able to achieve hand flexion and extension without a problem.

The Exo-Hand is a personal project that has been in development by Nicolas since he graduated from university.  The project goal is to create a company, but first, the exoskeleton glove has to become as affordable as possible.  According to Nicolas, stroke survivors in Colombia just don’t have enough resources to access the best technology out there.

The device has already been tested with patients for durability and performance.  The users showed qualitative improvements on their hand functionality.   Technically the project is going well, but Nicolas does not have the financial support to keep up the development effort.

The last statement is challenging to reconcile.  Exoskeleton companies in first world countries, even those in the middle of a technological research hub such as the San Francisco Bay Area have found it challenging to acquire funding, but there is always a sense of optimism that investment funds will be found.

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