Ocean Park Hotels

Ocean Park Hotels

Ocean Park Hotels exists to meet the ever-increasing demand for out of the ordinary travel experiences and the growing desire for sustainable tourism.

Founderby Youri Benoiston
Costa Rica
$1,200,000 target
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Ocean Park Hotels is a provider of luxury, eco-tourism accommodations and out of the ordinary travel experiences

Eco-tourism sensibilities and “smart home” technologies will be partnered with whimsical and imaginative design to transport visitors to a place out of space and time.

Our first destination will be situated on exclusive beach front property in a popular destination, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 

Our campus of 28 unique lodging options will be cost-effectively developed leveraging the scalable process and proven technology of the established company, Green Magic Homes.

Ocean Park Hotel has two primary business objectives:

  1. Establish a strong brand identity and customer following within a segment of the tourism market with specific demographic and psychographic characteristics: Medium to high budget travelers; “Eco-conscious” & tech savvy; In search of a unique experience. 

  2. Develop a chain of boutique eco-hotels across Latin America, each customized to its location through a scalable model.


Ocean Park will firmly establish our brand at our launch location in Manuel Antonio / Quepos and then gradually expand first in Costa Rica, and then to new Latin American markets.

Upon this current round of funding, we will initiate construction of our planned 28 unit Hobbit Home village on our existing property. It is estimated that construction will be complete and the resort will be ready to receive guests within 3 months time.

For the next 1.5 years we will focus on stabilising operations, establishing our brand, developing tour packages and scouting the country for optimal expansion locations and properties. It is estimated that expansion can begin in 2019 with 3 new hotels on prime Costa Rican property.

Our goal is to continue expanding within Costa Rica at a rate of 3 hotels per year for the following 3 years, at which point we will begin exploring opportunities for expansion to new Latin American markets.


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Our intention is to generate initial interest and gather early feedback.

Acorn’s crowdfunding platform is tentatively scheduled to go live by end-2018, after which fundraising will begin.