Forgotten to pick up the dog food? Our smart dog food tub monitors the amount of food in your dog’s container and sends you a notification on our easy-to-use app when it's low.

Founderby Danielle
Leeds, United Kindom
$90,000 target
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Never forget the dog food again!

The smart tub is easily connected to your home wifi using our app, once the tub is connected it will start working for you straight away. Simply enter your preferred dog food into the app to start receiving reminders and proximity alerts to tell you when you are close to a shop that sells it, all of which are customisable in our simple-to-use settings.

If you don't have time to visit the shop, then don't worry! Connect your favourite home delivery service, and get it delivered straight to your place at a time that works for you. Our tubs come in 2 different sizes to suit your needs and keep the food fresh. 

Our aim is to solve a simple problem with Internet of Everything (IOT), in an efficient and affordable way for everyone, making sure your lovable bounder is never forgotten again.

By using IOT, and other existing technologies, we are able to manufacture our Smart Tubs at a price everyone can afford. 

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