Detectives, Inc

Detectives, Inc

Private investigator Quentin Royal (played by Scandal alum Philip Asta) lost his girlfriend and co-worker, Annette in an office shooting. The shooter wanted revenge after Royal provided proof to his wife that he was cheating on her. This sets him on a self-destructive path that often puts himself and others at risk..

Founderby Evie Marie Warner
Ohio, USA
$50,000 target
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A year later the mysterious, seemingly naive Claire joins the group as an office admin. She immediately clashes with Royal over his reckless behavior and questionable legal tactics. While Royal spirals out of control, the other members of the team struggle to deal with the death in their own way. They no longer handle cheating spouses, but instead, they focus on bringing hope and justice to those in need. They tackle dog fighting, a local kingpin, and human trafficking. For Royal, the hardest case to unravel, might be himself.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Our actors are Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members and we need to follow SAG rules in regard to their payment and required insurance.

In some instances, certain locations might cost us $1,000 a day. 

We expect the pilot episode to cost us around $50,000 in total.

Here are some of the biggest expenses.

1. Location, Insurance and Permits.

2. Crew

3. Props and wardrobe

4. Post-Production

5. Food

Rewards - we have several rewards that are digital and will be made available to backers the moment we reach our goal! Other rewards will be sent out once we get the funds.

The only rewards that will take longer are copies of the pilot episode which will not be available until we have wrapped up shooting.

Some of the other rewards are:

Coasters - Royal has a love of vinyl and often listens to his records at work. These coasters pay homage to that but they also look pretty sweet!

Personalised T-shirts and hoodies.

We are also creating a personalized refrigerator magnet that will feature the fictional detective agencies business motto. I am working with an Etsy shop owner who will provide us with beautiful engraved stemless stainless-steel wine glasses.

Projects displayed here are real campaigns whose founders have agreed to be showcased.

Our intention is to generate initial interest and gather early feedback.

Acorn’s crowdfunding platform is tentatively scheduled to go live by end-2018, after which fundraising will begin.