The project I want to crowdfund for is called the Educare-project. The Educare-project seeks to build a standard school that is offered free of charge for children whose parents can't afford to pay school fees.

Founderby Peter Ajala
Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
$300,000 target
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According to the BBC news, 10.5 Million children in Nigeria are out of school which makes Nigeria the country with the highest number of children that are out of school in the world.

Educare-project seeks to build standard schools with good equipment and facilities but free of charge and accessible to the poor.

We want to see a world that is free of limitations and barriers. A world that gives equal opportunity to all.

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside a child whose parents can't afford to send to school?

Just think about it. Education is the only means through which the mind can get enlightened. What happens to those that are naturally shut out of it through circumstances?


My Story and Motivation for the project:
My parents' desire was for me to attend a private school due to the low quality education that is obtained in public schools. However this desire could not be accomplished so I attended public primary school. Therefore, I was a victim of low quality education at elementary level.

As a matter of fact, I could not speak English throughout my entire six years in primary school based on the fact that my parent couldn't afford to send me to a private school where my friends were speaking a good level of English.

As I grew up, I developed a passion to help children from my background whose parents would have loved to do better but had no money, and especially for children whose parents could not even afford to send their children to any school at all. I want to help future generations who might be limited because of their parents' financial constraints.



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