Upcycle Me!

Upcycle Me!

Turning unwanted tat into stylish and affordable furniture for those who can't afford to buy new.

Founderby Dana Padaranu
Bucharest, Romania
$12,000 target
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In my area there are not many people who can afford to buy furniture new and not many places that sell it for those that can afford it.

My idea is to take unwanted furniture that people are looking to sell for a small amount or give away and use a team to repair/fix/paint it and then sell it on to people for a cheap price.

This will provide cheap furniture for people that want to buy it and employment for local people repairing it who can also learn skills as they do.

It is a business idea that has worked in other countries but no one has tried it here.

I need to raise enough to rent out a small workshop in my area, buy tools and market my project once it's up and running.


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