Black Rose Tattoos

Black Rose Tattoos

I want to open and own a tattoo shop where I will be able to stream my work while tattooing, selling merchandise and promoting my website!

Founderby Dan Patreya
Sydney, Australia
$50,000 target
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I’ve been an artist all my life and tattooing for more years than I can remember but I’ve never had the money to open and promote a shop on my own.

There’s more people than ever getting tattoos so demand is high but because of this there are lots of tattoo studios opening.

I want to stand out by streaming some of my pieces being completed live on the internet.

Not only will this work as marketing for the business it will also give potential customers a taste of my work (and how little it hurts!)

Each week I will release videos of my tattoos on You Tube to share my work globally and inspire those who are thinking of getting a new tattoo.

I need to raise funds to lease a shop, buy some filming equipment and improve my website

Possible rewards include invite to shop launch party for yourself and a guest, free tattoo designs and 120 minutes of free studio time.

Thank you for your help!


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