19 South

19 South

19 South is a pilot for a short film media project called 8MP. This video will kick off a community project for amateur film makers that have limited resources. It will only take a phone or handheld camera to enter the project. Most voted for films will receive rewards.

Founderby Charles Rollo
Genesee County, Michigan, USA
$14,000 target
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Synopsis of 8MP Project

I have spent much of my life working in corporate America at jobs that stifled vision and creativity. After serving half a lifetime in the chains of corporate machine, I needed an outlet for my creative talents and began writing and creating video. Trying to get my books published enlightened me to the challenges that most artistic people face. Sometimes your choices are eating or publishing. Hence I decided to create a platform that future videographers will explore and produce video productions without the need for enormous resources. The 8MP project was born.

8MP stands for 8 mega pixels. The 8MP project is a response to the challenges and roadblocks that creative people encounter. Lack of resources, opportunity and money are major hurdles. 8MP is a platform for videographers that face these obstacles. You don’t need to know someone or have expensive equipment. A phone, camera and a desire to create is all that is needed. 8MP intends to make some equipment available to aid participants that can’t afford it i.e. lighting, dollies etc.. Participants will create a 15 minute video and compete monthly for a donated prize. The work of the participants will be displayed on various internet platforms.

It is planned to help the competition winners acquire funding for a major project.

To promote this project and hopefully set the standard for the participants a video will be created called “19 South”.

This will be a short video within the rules of the competition. The planned equipment purchases will be used to create the video and be made available to participates. “19 South” is a story about a schizophrenic persons journey to buy food from the point of view of the schizophrenic. The trip to the store is a walk through hell. No one on the outside understands that the trip is littered with psychological and emotional landmines, only our hero can see them.


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