The Human Codex

The Human Codex

A digital time capsule to capture all your memories and life experiences

Founderby Lloyd Cox
Stevenage, UK
$40,000 target
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The Human Codex - The first ever human history record of the people, by the people, for the people. It is simple, we're asking people to share their life stories so that future generations can learn from real life endeavours. By asking humanity to document their lives, in the way they feel comfortable, we are able to give future generations an accurate reflection of how we lived our lives. We can also give people who have lost loved ones a place to come and reminisce whilst offering those who join in, a form of digital immortality.

Some of the benefits of using The Human Codex are:

1) Each of us has our own place in the history books.
2) We all have a chance to pass on wisdom and life lessons we have learnt.
3) We can help to try and unify humanity by sharing our pasts, no matter where we are from, our appearance or our beliefs.
4) It offers the people a chance to go back and self reflect on their own lives - to see what they can learn about the past versions of themselves and where they have come to.
5) Helping those who suffer from some neurological problems such as Dementia, Alzheimer, memory loss etc.
6) Have a true representation of your life, how, where and when you lived it.
The Human Codex has the potential to change the world. Understandably, this will not happen overnight - this is a humanitarian project that will last as long as the internet does (maybe longer) and will take generations to reach that potential. 
We have put all of our money in to The Human Codex (including selling our family home) and now we are asking people to help take it to the next level. Everyone who supports, volunteers or helps with the creation of The Human Codex will be recognized on the platform as one of those who made it happen! 

We took the leap of faith to make this a reality and now we need others to take the leap, albeit a smaller leap.
The Human Codex will open as Beta this summer and will ask for 5,000 users (to start) to help us forge and create the 'ultimate' people's platform.
We each have a story to share, we each have a lesson to teach. By people joining us on this journey we have a chance to make real change. Help guide our future, by sharing your past.


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