Easyflops - the first front to back and back to front wearable, orthotic, arch-supporting sandals in today's market!

Founderby Alexander Guseff
Wisconsin, USA
$30,000 target
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  • Project Story

Our inspiration to create Easyflops sandals came from the desire to make people's lives easier and better.

If you walk in Easyflops down to the ocean, get your feet wet, turn around, walk back and slide your feet right into them, the upper strap slides forward so you don’t have to bend over or kick your sandals off - you simply slide your feet in! Easyflops sandals are going to provide users with new level of comfort and ease of use. An ability to wear your flip flops front to back and back to front is great opportunity to optimise your life. We are looking forward to the Acorn Collective platform and believe it will give our project a great boost, turning the prototype into a mass-produced product.

Advantages of Easyflops sandals:

  • Uniquely designed orthopedic insole, layered with silicon pads will never make your feet feel that you wear your flip flops backwards
  • Durable anti-slip sole surface provides superior traction with the terrain 
  • Adjustable upper strap allows for any foot width
  • And the last but not the least is our Know-how - the sliding upper strap


Who will benefit from Easyflops sandals:

People with back disabilities, pregnant women and seniors will benefit from Easyflops sandals, the most because of ease of use. The customer will never have to bend over to turn them around or walk around them. That is why we are donating 5% of our profit to American Orthopaedic Association. Regular users will also have lots of fun with Easyflops sandals using them at home, outdoors and in sport activities.

How to use your Easyflops sandals:

  • Put your Easyflops sandals down on the floor in the position you are going to wear them. 
  • Slide upper straps all the way out, in the position they should be when your feet are in. 
  • Unzip and open upper straps. 
  • Place your feet it comfortably. 
  • Lock upper straps so your feet are firmly in place but not too tight. 
  • Get up and walk forth and back, try to remove your feet and slide them back in from the other direction until you get used to sliding mechanism. Adjust upper strap if needed. 
  • Enjoy your Easyflops!


Possible rewards include a branded t-shirt, money off a pair of Easyflops, free pair of limited edition Easyflops.


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