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The Human Codex

The human history record of the people, by the people, for the people.
by Lloyd Cox
Environment & Sustainability

Aquaponics Training Institute

Aquaponics (aquaculture and hydroponics) offers individual and community owned food security
by Shawn Bonnough


The Augmented Reality Garden Design App
by Peter Bundgaard Henriksen
Health & Fitness

Nurse in Hand Emergency Response

A social enterprise providing general emergency response services to Kenyans
by Lucy Njuguna

Exo-Hand Project

Introducing the EXO-hand, a hand-powered exoskeleton that helps the rehabilitation of the hand.
by Nicolas Rojas

Fika House

Canada's first green affordable housing initiative for LGBTQ2+ seniors
by Geoffrey Peters
Local Businesses

Banana Papa

Banana Papa - is a snack that is a sliced ripe banana, dried with warm air!
by Andrey Popov
Environment & Sustainability

Supa Nutri

Providing 1st world quality valuable superfood products in an eco-sustainable manner.
by Dion de Lange

Akure Football Academy

Football Academy with huge potential needs your help!
by Etebo Musa

Upcycle Me!

Turning unwanted tat into stylish and affordable furniture for those who can't afford to buy new.
by Dana Padaranu
Entertainment & Lifestyle

Detectives, Inc

A new web series about a rag tag team of detectives who take on cases that nobody else wants!
by Evie Marie Warner
Environment & Sustainability

Ocean Park Hotels

Eco-friendly lodging & whimsical travel experiences for the conscious adventurer
by Youri Benoiston
Entertainment & Lifestyle


The virtual Robot who explores music, arts and entertainment in Cities all over the world.
by Emma Broughton
Environment & Sustainability

Eco-Island Packaging

Project to make biodegradable plates made with locally sourced materials
by Jason Bulatao

Top Notepad is an online invoicing and accounting software for freelancers and small businesses
by Mahesh Soni
Entertainment & Lifestyle

Hop Shots

Don't forget one step of your journey by using Hop Shots!
by Lloyd Bateman
Clothing & Accessories


The first front to back and back to front wearable, orthotic, and arch-supporting sandals!
by Alexander Guseff


Building a school that will be free for children whose parents can't afford to pay.
by Peter Ajala
Travel & Outdoors

The Coldest Journey

Henk and Anthony want to become the first souls to attempt the coldest journey
by Henk Van Der Klok

Black Rose Tattoos

Project to open my own tattoo shop and stream my work all around the world!
by Dan Patreya

19 South

19 South is a pilot for a short film media project called 8MP
by Charles Rollo
Entertainment & Lifestyle


With DogBox you will never forget your pooch’s favourite crunchy chow again.
by Danielle